Research Interests

My research interests lie in the intersection between Visualization, HCI, Mobile/Web Design & Dev. with a focus on designing technologies & communicating data to better support human needs.

My research efforts to date include:

  • Accessible Data Visualization Design for Developmental Disabilities

  • Data-Driven Automation of Color Encodings for Data Visualization

  • FieldView: Mobile and Immersive Situated Analysis in the Field

  • Happy Ivy: A Mobile Design for Bipolar Disorder


IDD Accessible Visualization Design

2018.10 - current (To be submitted to ACM CHI 2020)

Keke Wu | Danielle Szafir

In this project, we collaborate with the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities to design accessible visualization for self-advocates and stakeholders among the IDD  (Intellectual Developmental Disabilities) community to explore and interact with the budgetary data. We hope to support their decision making and to aid family improvement through effective visual analysis.



Color Crafting

2018.5 - current (Submitted to IEEE VIS 2019)

Steve Smart | Keke Wu | Danielle Szafir

In this project, we leverage sampling-based models to better understand and predict how color manifests in different types of visualization. We seek to empower designers to craft effective color encodings through machine-learning method. We also explore general visualization color encoding principles and evaluate our auto-generated color ramps in a crowdsourcing approach. Our model aims to encourage more effective visualization by designing tools that pair perception and automation.



2017.10 - current (Submitted to IEEE VIS 2019)

Matt Whitlock | Keke Wu | Danielle Szafir

This project looks at how people perceive and interact with visual information with different display technologies, such as HMDs, mobile phones, etc. We develop guidelines, techniques, and tools that effectively leverage the capabilities of these technologies to enhance the ubiquity, accessibility, and effectiveness of data analytics and immersive visual applications. We provide a novel system to improve the collection and integration of data into fieldwork in collaboration with earth scientists and emergency responders.



Happy Ivy

2017.10 - in development

Keke Wu

This project seeks to address mental health issue like bipolar disorder(BD) with a mobile application solution, aka Happy Ivy, which is an easy-to-use daily task reminder aiming at helping BD and broad users to live a regular and healthy life. Happy Ivy is designed in a plant growing context, where the growing status of the flower is up to how the user finish scheduled tasks in the app. Finishing tasks on time will increase points in corresponding attributes. Once a flower is grown up, the user could choose to either start over with an unknown new type or grow the unlocked one again.


Hap App

2016.10 - 2017.5 (Published in 2nd Symposia on Computing and Mental Health, CHI 2017)

Keke Wu | Pete Herzfeld

This project is a preliminary work towards mental health research. Our work focus on depression, which is prevalent among various ranges of ages, nationalities, and genders. We provide a mobile design solution to help depressed people release their pressure and have fun. We introduce a virtual guide panda to help with users’ emotion management and mood track. In the app, users have different relaxing options like listening to music, reading a joke, playing a game, or “chatting“ with the animated guide. Besides, nine basic emotion icons will be mapped with nine different funny selfie filters and the camera will get triggered when tapped by the user.

Poster Presented at CHI2017

Poster Presented at CHI2017