Hi I'm Keke,

a Designer, Developer, Visualization Researcher based in Boulder, Colorado. I'm a member of the VisuaLab at University of Colorado Boulder, supervised by Prof. Danielle Albers Szafir. With an interdisciplinary background in both technology and fine art, my interest is to design and explore new approaches to make technology more accessible to human beings. I love doing visualization research and building tools that can help people communicate with data and solve real-life problems in an interactive and interesting way.


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Below, you'll see a brief outline of my academic experiences and selective projects I've been working on!

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University of Colorado Boulder, CO

PhD Student - Technology, Media & Society

2019. 8 -

MS - Creative Technologies & Design

2017. 8 - 2019. 5

- IDD Accessible Visualization: An accessible and exploratory visualization design for self-advocates and stakeholders among the IDD (Intellectual Developmental Disabilities) group to have effective visual analysis.

- Color Crafting: An automated color-ramp generation & suggestion system that helps visualization experts and the public choose functional & aesthetic color ramps in their work.

- FieldView: A system integrating the mobile data collection, cloud fusion, and AR/VR immersive visualization for field researchers.

- Happy Ivy: An iOS-based mobile app designed for people with Bipolar Disorder by helping them finish basic daily tasks and get rewards in a plant growing context.


Frostburg State University, MD

Exchange Student - Interactive Design

2016. 8 - 2017. 5

- Hap App: An iOS-based mobile app designed for people with depression by introducing a virtual guide to talk with and help them out.

- Alphabet Book Design: An alphabet book design for letters A - Z, with each one representing the initial of a country or area.

- FSU TV-3 TV Show Opening Design: Video Graphics design for FSU TV-3 station. (A regular version & election version)


Communication University of China, Beijing

MFA - Film & Television Production

2015. 9 - 2017. 6

- Global City Symphony Workshop: A documentary film shot in Beijing together with a student from USC to explore the transnational marriage between a black American man and his Chinese wife.


Wuhan University, Wuhan

                BA (minor) - Japanese Language & Literature  

2013.2 - 2015.5

- Bachelor's Thesis: An Analysis of Female Characters in the Anime World of Hayao Miyazaki


Central China Normal University, Wuhan

BEng. - Digital Media Technology

2011. 9 - 2015. 5

- Traditional Food & Culture Documentary Film: A documentary film shot in Hubei, China to explore the eating habits and cultural conventions there during the Spring Festival. (Lunar New Year)