Application Samples

As a developer, Mobile & Web are my favorite development platforms due to their great interactivity. I’ve been developing web-based visualizations and applications using D3.js, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, jQuery, as well as Android and iOS applications using Java & Swift.


Web-Frontend Dev. Portal

achine Learning Based Yelp Data Visualization ->

Yelp Recommendation System Visualization

  • Goal: A User-Driven visualization project using Yelp dataset to visualize how our machine-learning based model works in business rating prediction and decision making in a storytelling method. Charts used here include Bar Chart, Map, Word Cloud, Network, Radar Chart, etc.

  • Outcome: Machine Learning Based Yelp Data Visualization ->


Mozilla Worldwide Tech Level Survey


NCWIT: Female Enrollment in Tech Majors

  • Goal: A Spatial-Temporal visualization project using NCWIT dataset comparing female and male enrollment in technology majors from different facets in the form of Line Chart, Grouped Bar Chart, Donut Chart, Sunburst Chart.

  • Outcome: Female vs. Male Tech Majors Enrollment Visualization ->


Baby Face

  • Goal: Design & Developed an app for children education

  • Outcome: Derived idea from childhood Barbie doll dress-up game. An Android app for children to learn and play with different ethnic dressing styles by coupling different pieces of body together



Panda Face

  • Goal: Design & Developed an app using external library

  • Outcome: An Android app using Google Mobile Vision library enabling face detection and recognition, mapping the most similar panda emoji with the user's facial expression.