Design Works

As a designer, my design works range from Graphic & Video Design to Interactive Mobile & Web Design. Selective design projects I’ve been working on include the design of Alphabet Book, Logo, Pattern, T-shirt, Diet App, and Department Web Design.


Alphabet Book Design

  • Goal: An Alphabet Book Design task

  • Outcome: A global travel theme alphabet book with each letter representing the initial of a country or area and its corresponding cultural features




Logo Design

  • Goal: Logo design for Allegany Farmers Market, Maryland & Personal Branding logo design

  • Outcome: Three different design options. A Pet Shop logo with the yarn ball and dog bell indicating cats & dogs



Pattern Design

• Goal: Pattern design and their real-life application

• Outcome: A set of three different pattern designs with a consistent fruit and cocktail style, demonstrated on phone case and a wrist wallet



T Shirt Design

• Goal: T-shirt design for CHI 2017, Denver, CO

• Outcome: Golden-Black color schema mapping with CU Boulder with the mountain indicating feature of Colorado



Diet App Design

• Goal: Diet App concept design

• Outcome: Chalkboard style diet app design. Lowest prices of fresh produce among different markets based on users’ location will populate in the list. Through simple drag & drop of the vegetables onto the plate, the user will get recipes using them as ingredients. A line chart & bar chart visualization will be used to track the user’s calories consumption and weight loss


   Web Design

  • Goal: A redesign for the Visual Arts Department of Frostburg State University       

  • Outcome: A charcoal style web design using Red-Black color scheme mapping with the university’s color convention.